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Fingerprint Sensor for Modern Keyboards

The Keyboard has always been a key peripheral of the modern PC (without it you can practically do nothing). It has evolved over the years coming out in different styles, all for the ease/convenience of use.

Typing in computers can also be stressful as proper keyboarding if not taken seriously. Keyboarding is typing with the use of the keyboard. In any typing class, the student is taught how to position the fingers so that these will not feel strained and tensed. In keyboarding, there is an appropriate finger for ever letter in the keyboard.

Over the years, Microsoft has always lead when it comes to making great keyboards (and other computer accessories), this certainly kills off any competition. The computing company quietly announced its new Modern Keyboard; Not only does the Modern Keyboard look clean, organized and neat; it comes in a premium package, it also comes with a fingerprint sensor that’s neatly hidden within the keyboard itself.

The fingerprint sensor has been carefully hidden in the second Windows key that is on the right-hand side of the keyboard. Users will just have to place their finger on this button and the sensor will get working immediately. The sensor can be used to log into a Windows 10 PC amongst others.

This keyboard is universal’ it can be used with the Mac Os, and newer versions of Android.

This keyboard comes a pricey $129.99, it is certain to be the best around in times to come.
Fingerprint Sensor for Modern Keyboards Reviewed by Zahri Kahoor on 9/04/2017 Rating: 5

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