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Cyber Security; Save your Data from Ransomeware

Over the last few weeks (precisely in May), there have been attacks of ransomeware across the globe. It is regarded as the biggest cyber-attack since the internet begun; with Europe and particularly the UK suffering greatly from the attack. Rumors had it that there were more than 29,000 ransomeware infections in Asia with China the most hit. This is simply crypto-virology at its very best.

Ransomeware has been growing for years now, nobody has taken it serious. once it attacks your Personal Computer, encrypts your system files and can only be recovered when a ransom is paid; this simply means that, if you don’t have a backup; you’ll have to pay to recover your files.

This is certainly a wake up to companies and organizations who use large data; not only large data’s but large and confidential data on vulnerable software’s without prioritizing security.

So, it is important that you watch your clicks; ransomeware is usually spread through random emails; it gets activated once you open the attachment.

It is important to have email scanners on your personal computers; this would help in the battle against ransomeware; once the spam email is opened, they encrypt your data is seconds, Yes!!! Seconds.

Basically, there are two types of ransomeware;

The first; called encrypting ransomeware locks out only your system files,

The second; called locker ransomeware totally locks out the operating system.

Ransomeware can actually do a lot of things aside encrypting your data;

  1. It can spread to other computers connected to a local network.

  1. It can encrypt all types of files from music files to documents.

  1. Payment is in bitcoins and it can basically geographically target (i.e. ability to translate to the language of the user). This of course eases payment.

Here are a few tips to keep yourself safe from ransomeware:

  1. Ensure you have a backup data that is always updated at all times. (it could be on cloud or anywhere else you consider a safe haven for your data).

  1. Adjust your browser security and privacy settings to increase protection.

  1. Use email scanners always.

  1. Do not open spam emails from unknown senders.

  1. Use an Operating system that is up to date with (the latest security updates).
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