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Google Data Center

Protecting your data

The protection of data and intellectual property in our data centers is one of Google's top priorities.
Rather than storing each customer’s data on a single machine or set of machines, data from all Google customers (consumers, business, and even Google’s own data) is distributed amongst a shared infrastructure composed of many computers located across Google’s many data centers.
Data is chunked and replicated over multiple systems so that no one system is a single point of failure. Data chunks are given random file names and they’re not stored in clear text, so they’re not humanly readable.

Our security team

Google employs a full-time Information Security Team, embedded in the Google Software Engineering and Operations organization, that is comprised of experts in information, application, and network security. This team is responsible for maintaining the company’s perimeter defense systems, developing security review processes, and building customized security infrastructure. It also has a key role in the development, documentation, and implementation of Google’s security policies and standards. 

Additionally, at the data centers themselves, we have access controls, guards, video surveillance, perimeter fencing, etc. to physically protect the sites.  

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