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Download VirtualDJ 7.0.5 Full Version Free Download

VirtualDJ is a range of audio/video mixing software developed by Atomix Productions Inc. for use by mobile and club DJs. The software is also exclusively repackaged for Numark, called Numark CUE.

The packages run on PC or Mac to allow computer DJs to mix music or videos, with or without an external controller. DJs can control the software with a MIDI controller or using traditional DJ hardware such as CDJs and DJ mixer with vinyl emulation software and CDs.

Vinyl emulation

Vinyl emulation allows the user to physically manipulate the playback of digital audio files on a computer using the turntables as an interface, thus preserving the hands-on feel of DJing with vinyl while allowing playback of audio recordings not available in phonograph form. This allows DJs to scratch, beatmatch, and perform other turntablism that would be impossible with a conventional keyboard-and-mouse computer interface.


NetSearch is a feature introduced with VirtualDJ version 6.x. At the first few releases this allowed users to access music and videos from content providers on internet. The music and videos would be streamed directly to the user's decks, and no download would be allowed, except for local web cache, protected by digital rights management. From the release of VirtualDJ 6.1 in May 2010 this model was replaced by a subscription model, with Grooveshark as the content provider.


MusicGroups was a feature added to VirtualDJ 6.
MusicGroup collects track histories, and publishes them on Licensed users can make their own single-user groups, or can join a multi-user group. Each MusicGroup page includes a mini-blog, with track history, as well as top 20 played tracks, and saved tracklists. Other users can make comment to the group, and subscribe to the group.
The software analyzes track lists, and makes suggestions to what track to mix next. The suggestions are based on what other DJs around the world have played next, with a stronger weight on the MusicGroup you subscribe to. In essence a real-time track advisor based on evaluating what other DJs around the world are mixing.


VirtualDJ provides two ways for DJs to broadcast their mix sets to the internet. With the built in radioserver in the software a DJ can broadcast from his own computer by publishing a link generated by the software, that streams the mix played. The software can also broadcast to a webradio that runs Shoutcast or Icecast servers. VirtualDJ based webradio has been running since 2005 under the name VirtualDJ Radio.

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