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Social Sharing & Subscription Widget

no ordinary social sharing

 This Social subscription widget is made with the aim of promoting and increasing traffic of your blog in various manners. It has the potential to boost your subscribers, Facebook 

fans and the widget can even make you viral on various social networks. Your readers will also get an opportunity to connect with you on your other networks and all these features are just in one widget in a compact and presentable manner. This widget has almost everything you will need to promote your blog and increase fans and readers. It has a subscribe box, share box, Facebook like box; what else you want? It can replace any other social buttons, widgets or plugins you are using on your blog.  Get ready to see the amazing beauty in action which will nurture your blog.

Live Demo


  1. Subscription box for increasing your subscribers.
  2. Follow us buttons for your readers to get connected on your other networks.
  3. Social sharing buttons
  4. Facebook like box which will increase your fans
The main features are quite noticeable at first look but there are some minor features which you won’t be able to notice. One of them is the golden or blue glow. If you are using Chrome, you would see a golden glow while using any text box or login form. Similarly, in new versions of Firefox you see a blue glow by default. We have removed that glow so that the default values of a browser do not get mixed up with widget.
We have also made the subscribe button to look similar in both Firefox and Chrome browser which have issues with padding. If we didn’t do that, the button will look different in Chrome, somewhat misplaced. Some CSS3 transition effects have been used to give smooth feeling on hover in combination with box-shadow.

And guess what, all these many features in a single widget have been presented in a neat and compact manner with a size of just around 10KB.

How to Use?

I know, I know, you are pretty much excited to use this widget after reading those features. Your wait is over. Just follow the coming steps to increase the beauty of your blog.
  1. Go To -> Template -> Edit HTML -> Proceed
  2. Backup your template
  3. Tick Expand Widget Templates
  4. Search for:
This code may have 2-3 occurrences in your template but you need to just concentrate on the first occurrence. Click on the Picture Below Then Just paste the following code.

Changes to be made:
  1. Replace tntbystc with your feedburner FEED TITLE. You get these values by going to your Feedburner account -> Publicize -> Email Subscriptions
  2. Replace 'FACEBOOK URL' with your Facebook fan page link
  3. Replace 'TWITTER URL' with your Twitter link
  4. Replace 'GOOGLE+ URL' with your Google+ page
  5. Replace 'PINTEREST URL' with Pinterest link
  6. Replace 'RSS URL' with RSS feed link
  7. Now for Facebook like box, follow these steps:
    1. Grab your Facebook fan page URL (Do not include https://)
    2. Replace all the back slashes ( / ) with %2F
    3. Now replace with your URL you achieved just now.

Got Questions?

We hope you have successfully installed this amazing widget on your blog without any problems. If you still need any help or have some questions or getting any errors in installing this social subscription widget, then don’t hesitate to ask us. We would love to hear your suggestions for improving this widget with more features. Let us know what your views are in the comments. Cheers :)

Social Sharing & Subscription Widget Reviewed by Zahri Kahoor on 8/31/2012 Rating: 5

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