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See All Live Webcams with Google

Google Search for Webcams

Here’s  a trick that will blow your mind. You can get access to all open public webcams

through Google. There are many tricks by which one may get accessed to all the webcams running currently at a particular position and at particular time. However the Google Webcam trick seems to be one the easiest. Here are a simple few steps by which one may do the same.

Step 1: Log on
Step 2: Type inurl:/view.shtml’ as a query
Step 3: You may also try using intitle:”Live View / – AXIS” | inurl:view/view.shtml" as a query.
Step 4: This would redirect you to a page with the home pages of these urls.
Step 5: The above query reveals the IP network webcams that have been indexed by Google. You can easily get access and locate those unprotected IP network cameras used that are released or leaked to the public internet insecure cameras by using Google.

Web Cam Imgae

The world today has millions and millions of webcams and still more are popping out each minute. It is true to be said as the big business for every business. Even ordinary home owners these days have switched to the application of webcams in their houses. So, if you are using a webcam, encrypt the signal and protect yourself.


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