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Download Videos from YouTube as video or mp3 without any software

Zahri Kahoor | Thursday, March 24, 2016 |

I discovered this easy means of downloading from youtube without any software and decided to share with you. This method can be used to download in any device ,Android ,Symbian ,iOS ,Windows ,etc without wasting  more time ,let's begin

Method 1 ::

1) Go to youtube video and open the video that you want to download
2) In the address bar ,add "ss" before and enter
3) choose the option and click on download

Method 2 ::

1) Copy the link of the video ,you want to download
2) Go to
3) Paste the link ,in the bar ,Select your option, whether mp3 or mp4
4) press on continue and then download

Note :: Both the Method's are covered in the video below

Watch from Youtube ::

Watch from Dailymotion ::

Download Videos from YouTube as video or mp3... by technotricks4


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