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15 Year Old Boy Became an Hacker.

Zahri Kahoor | Saturday, April 20, 2013 |


15 Year Old Boy Hacked Domain And He Is Expert On Computer....He Hacked 538 Facebook Account By Phishing And 32 Accounts Directly Without Email On Facebook.

He Became The First Young Hacker To Be Incarcerated For Computer Crimes..

“This Is A Great Bellwether As To The State Of Security Where Juveniles Can Traipse Across Computer Systems With Little Or No Fear” Of Being Caught, He Said.

His Aim To Become Best Indian Hacker And Do Something For India..And Making The Best Security...

His Official Name We Don't Know ..No Description About Him Only Photo We Got By  His Personal Facebook Account. But His Fans Says Him an Innocent Hacker...


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